Salesboard ERP
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Our Client

A wholesale company with 50 regional representatives and 150 distributors, resellers.

„By using Salesboard, we received a solution to manage all of our processes and to make relevant decisions based on exact datas. The biggest advantage of Salesboard ERP, is its customization. The developer team successfully integrated our company’s needs to our existed systems. I truly believe that our efficiency and business results are going to increase in the future!” - Tamás Szabó, Head of Trading

Project description

Salesboard ERP was made specifically for trading companies end webshops. You can manage and follow your company’s trading processes in a transparent way. No more Excel, no more missed or forgotten datas, just creating valid statements!

Salesboard ERP is one of the few systems that reacts exactly to the user’s needs, because it includes/merges 3 different but still very important systems:

  • customizeable web application as an ERP, 
  • integrated mobile app 
  • distributor, reseller webshop

Salesboard ERP is a cloud-based system. Security updates and database savings are working automatically. We developed, based on the Clean Code Principles.

The aim of development

Building a complete ERP, that includes every element which a medium-sized trading company needs. Besides that, the integration to the existed systems was also important.

ERP web application

Sales mobile app

Distributor webshop


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