ExaMe web and mobile application

Our Client

Startup with a first round funding

„Working with CodingLab went smoothly. As a Startup, we highly appreciated that they immediately responded to our needs and added their business approach.” - Bálint Jakabos, Founder of ExaMe

The aim of development

Developing a web-based and mobile app that supports learning and the preparation for exams for the aim of entering to the Western European market.

Project description

By using the application students can access to different educational materials and tests while traveling by bus or train, or learning at home. The biggest advantage of the app is that students don’t need to take notes during the lectures because they can reach every material on the platform. Basically, the knowledge is in their pocket!

Materials and tests are provided by the publishers. Users get a short description of every material but the concrete and detailed knowledge is accessible after subscription.

We made a market research, created the UI/UX design, developed the web-based and mobile application and made the documentations. We developed with the agile method.


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